The Firm History to Now

Our patriarch, John G Hampton, an accounting graduate of KU, working for Peat Marwick in KC, moved back to central Kansas in 1942, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the expansion of the Army’s B-29 Air Bases. Boeing’s Wichita Kansas plant was manufacturing the B-29 Super Fortress, while John and his three brothers Ernest, Tudor, and Bill established multiple offices and collaborated in the professional fields of Income Tax Law and Family Business. The Government was hastily expanding its new 1935 income tax to pay for the war. In 1939, only about 5% of American workers paid income tax. President Roosevelt introduced the Revenue Act of 1942, which assured 75% of American workers would pay income taxes (1942 tax form). The government started having employers withhold money from paychecks. By 1945, about 90% of workers submitted income tax forms, and the government covered nearly half its expenses. Find more IRS Tax history here.

John Hampton founded the Accounting Firm and worked with his brothers to provide help to Farmers and other family business clients who were trying to comply with the new tax laws and regulations. They understood the community and developed strategies for guiding their clients toward success. The current incarnation of that firm carries on its tradition of excellence – as well as a vision for the future. Hampton’s work ethic is the foundation, and unique personal service is the rampart, and our experience is our stock in trade.

While the firm’s roots started with preparing income tax, the business model has undergone significant development. My father JB, would say “At the end of the day, all you have is your name”. In 1990, we branded our company with an “emblem” which pictures the Hampton name positioned on top of another. This represents a business ideology built on the shoulders and integrity of our forefathers. The ampersand (&) embedded inside the Hampton name represents a firm ideology of “Thinking outside the Box”.

Thinking Outside the Box

We bring professionals together and collaborate in order to arrive at the best solutions for our clients and their family’s future success.

Professional Services
Von Hampton, President

Our focus is in Tax preparation, our passion is in Small Business Consulting and our heart is in Retirement Planning. The Hampton roots run deep and our relationships endow us with a network of intellectual resources unparalleled in other competitive firms. Our “client first” approach has been the hallmark of Hampton & Hampton’s service throughout the years. Our history is enhanced by the steady expansion of clients in our Midwest office locations.

If you are a client, we consider you part of the Hampton family. Thank you for being so loyal and allowing me to help you all these years.

Von Hampton

Making Appointments

Please let us know, during the year, if we can discuss any of your tax, business or financial questions.

STUDENT Tax Return for a Large Discount!

Please allow us to prepare your STUDENT Tax Return for a Large Discount! This allows us to determine the most accurate way to file both the STUDENT and the PARENT Tax Return’s, because BOTH tax returns are interdependent. That said, if you bring in or email all of the tax forms as soon as the STUDENT is ready, we will prepare and file the tax return at this time.

Retirement Planning

An additional way of bringing value to our clients is networking. We have an in-house relationship with financial Retirement is an additional way of bringing value to our clients. We have an in-house financial planner, Von Hampton.  This relationship under the same roof enhances our ability to consider tax consequences and complementary strategies more readily. Our primary focus is to help our clients develop solutions on the road toward family success.  We work methodically to understand, educate, and plan for our client’s future.  If you are interested, please call our office and ask for an analytical meeting.

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If you are a visitor to this site, we hope you will return often to chart our progress as we build a “21st century” professional services firm – one emphasizing cutting-edge technology, innovative services and tax-efficient planning within the context of our “independent tradition of guiding financial success.”

Economic Principles

Our firm proactively educates our clients on economic principles. We believe when our clients understand how economics affects their daily lives, they will have more confident conversations. We encourage them to make fiscally sound choices and build stronger financial statements. Our goal is help them strengthen their economic independence and become increasingly better US citizens. An excellent resource is the Peter G Peterson Foundation.