We help our clients look at the future, today. When the time comes to consider paying for your financial responsibilities after a change in your ability to produce the income you have come accustom. Do you have the following:

  1. Social Security
  2. Pension
  3. Defined Contribution Funds.
  4. Defined Benefit Funds.
  5. Disability
  6. Long Term Care

An additional way of bringing value to our clients is networking. We have an in-house relationship with a financial planner, Shane Hessman. Shane has worked directly with our clients for the past twelve years. His primary focus is to help our clients develop solutions on the road toward family success. I am very proud of the work he has accomplished for our clients. He is conservative and methodical in his approach to educate and plan for your future. Having this relationship under the same roof enhances our ability to more readily consider tax consequences and complementary strategies. There is no charge for this analytical meeting. If you are interested, please call our office and ask to meet with Shane.